Is framing included? If so, what kind?

Framing is included on Original Paintings (unless specified). Every original is sold ready to hang, so it includes SPOON's signature clean, black, solid wood framing. It's the perfect outline to the detail of her work. Limited Edition Prints do not include framing, but are ready to simply be placed into any store-bought frame. 

What is the return policy?

Artwork by SPOON's return policy is 7 days + a 25% fee (25% of the original painting price – not including shipping or sales tax).

It's a priority for SPOON that her paintings wind up in the right home, not just any home, so she always tries to work with people rather than enforcing an “all sales are final” policy. That's an ominous statement even if you're just buying something small, so we will accept returns with some guidelines to protect her work and other people's investments.

A little explanation first: it has become a thing for people to buy original artwork for parties or house staging and then return it, so in order to dissuade people from doing this it was either impart a No Returns policy or come up with some other type of deterrent.

The fee covers the time that the painting was off of the market, time that went into coordination, packaging and shipping, and the work to remarket it. The painting must be received by Artwork by SPOON, LLC within 14 days of the client receiving the painting. Customer is responsible for return shipping cost and any damages incurred while in their possession or in return shipping.

Do you do commissions?

Yes. SPOON is always happy to work with people on commissions (they have been some of her favorite projects), but the subject and approach have to fit within her artistic vision and her body of work / brand. Please contact us through our contact form to discuss your next project idea. SPOON will be able to provide you with all of the initial details you would need – pricing, time estimate, subject review, etc. 

Commission pricing varies. It depends on the complexity and size of the subject, if it's a version of a previous painting (see below) or if it is an entirely new composition.

After discussing the initial painting concept, 50% of the fee is due to being work. This portion is non-refundable and will be used for all the materials and SPOON's time designing your composition. After the painting is completed, a photograph will be sent to you for your final approval (local projects can schedule an in-person review). If you are happy with the final painting, the remaining 50% would be due. Once the final payment is received, the painting will be shipped to you (see below for questions about shipping). For local Atlanta residents, we may be able to personally deliver your painting to save you shipping costs.

For any additional information please feel free to contact us.

A painting I love has already sold, could you make me another one?

Unfortunately, no. Every painting is original and one of a kind. The closest option you would have is to commission SPOON to do a different version of that painting. She could do the same subject, but maybe a different color and size, or a different crop of the composition, etc. Ultimately it will be up to SPOON to determine the correct amount of degrees of separation from the original that you saw, but the great news is that since it is a piece she has already created, we will be able to manipulate a photograph of it to show you mock-ups of what she is thinking for the new piece. 

Do the dimensions provided include the frame?

Yes. The dimensions listed with each original painting include the width of the frame. Many times artwork is listed by just the canvas size – since the artwork is the investment and you could change the frame one day, but over time we have found that SPOON's clients typically are looking for dimensions because they have a specific place in mind and would like to measure to fit. In this case, knowing the overall dimension that would be on your wall seemed the most helpful, but always feel free to email us if you would like additional information.

Do you do private events?

SPOON is asked to do a lot of events (galleries, parties, charities, etc.), loves meeting new people and working with new clients, but does her best to schedule things for the following year before or at its onset. If you have questions about having SPOON or her work for a specific event, please contact us and we will be happy to go over her schedule and the event's purpose to determine if it would be an appropriate fit.

How long does shipping take?

Please note: when SPOON is traveling for an event, show or festival, there may be a delay in the processing of your order. If she is traveling we will post a note on the top of the artwork pages of her website. If you have a time sensitive purchase, please contact us before placing your order.

Once you purchase a piece of artwork, please allow a few business days for processing and packaging originals. After processing, shipping usually only takes about 2-3 business days, depending on location (longer for freight size pieces). You should have your artwork within a week, but SPOON will always send you tracking information once the item has shipped. If you require your piece more quickly, please contact us before placing your order to discuss expedited shipping options.

How will my original painting arrive?

It depends on the size. Most paintings are able to be shipped in a cardboard box (with LOTS of other layers of protection of course), but some of the larger pieces require a wooden crate. The cardboard box is typically easier for clients to open/deal with, so we try to use that whenever possible. The larger paintings are required to be shipped “freight”, so the wood crate provides some extra protection and rigidity. 

A signature will be required for delivery, but can also be accomplished by signing the door tag that will be left for you by FedEx. For larger freight deliveries, a delivery time will be coordinated in advance.

Are there any care instructions for an original painting?

As with the painting itself, SPOON has researched the best ways of protecting and preserving your original artwork. The painting has been sealed with permanent, non-toxic,  museum quality varnish. This will prevent fading and provide some protection should you spill / splash a bit of typical household elements onto it (i.e. light dirt, food, etc.). Generally, most debris or staining can be removed by gently wiping with a barely damp cloth. Although it is not advised to hang art in direct sunlight, this varnish will help diminish the long term effects of UV fading. Think of the varnish as sunblock – you'll still burn eventually, but it will take more exposure.

As for cleaning the frame, you can remove finger prints or dust with a little bit of Windex on a soft cloth (paper towels can scratch things, so be gentle if you use one).



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