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hand painted minimalism

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“Can structure convey fluidity and movement?”


These were the original questions behind SPOON’s graphic experimentation that ultimately led to the development of her uniquely recognizable style. Removing content until the subject is unrecognizable, she slowly reintroduces data and color in search of the threshold where visual and mental perceptions are balanced.

What began as an idea she was testing for fun quickly turned into something distinctive that can now be seen at Fortune 500 Companies, sport stadiums, luxury hotels, museums and private residences around the world.

Every painting is composed and painted by hand, one dot at time. In redacting a subject to the edge of recognition, she challenges viewers to recompose only the information that is absolutely necessary.

Distance, viewing angle, and even a camera lens changes the way SPOON’s artwork resolves. As a result, everyone will experience it differently depending on their perspective, not just mentally, but physically. This moving target of data assemblage constantly challenges her to rethink each painting in a new way.

Her background in Urban Design and study of Architecture + Engineering have undoubtedly shaped the way SPOON approached art and what led to her initial concept. She also maintains a sense of environmental and social responsibility. By using the techniques she learned as a LEED Green Professional (buying locally sourced non-toxic materials) and donating a portion of the proceeds from every painting sale to charity, she tries to ensure that her success benefits the greater good.

See a listing of her upcoming events or contact SPOON for more information.

Image courtesy of Bob Dein 

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