What is the return policy?

Artwork by SPOON's return policy is 7 days + a 25% fee (25% of the original painting price – not including shipping or sales tax).

It's a priority for SPOON that her paintings end up in the right home - not just any home - so she always tries to work with clients rather than enforcing an “all sales are final” policy. That's an ominous statement even if you're just buying something small, so returns are accepted with some guidelines to protect her work and other people's investments.

A little explanation first: it has become a thing for people to buy original artwork for parties or house staging and then return it, so in order to dissuade people from doing this it was either impart a No Returns policy or come up with some other type of deterrent.

The fee covers the time that the painting was off of the market, time that went into coordination, packaging and shipping, and the work to re-market it. The painting must be received by Artwork by SPOON, LLC within 14 days of the client receiving the painting. Customer is responsible for return shipping cost and any damages incurred while in their possession or in return shipping.

Is framing included? If so, what kind?

Framing is included with all original paintings (unless specified). Every painting is sold ready to hang, framed with either a black or silver solid wood frame.

Do you do commissions?

Yes! SPOON. is always happy to work with people on commissions (they have been some of her favorite projects), but the subject and approach have to fit within her artistic vision and her body of work / brand. Please contact us to discuss your next project idea. SPOON will be able to provide you with all of the initial details you would need – pricing, time estimate, subject review, etc. 

Commission pricing varies. It depends on the complexity and size of the subject, if it's a version of a previous painting (see below) or if it is an entirely new composition.

After discussing the initial painting concept, 50% of the fee is due to being work. This portion is non-refundable and will be used for all the materials and SPOON's time designing your composition. After the painting is completed, a photograph will be sent to you for your final approval (local projects can schedule an in-person review). If you are happy with the final painting, the remaining 50% would be due. Once the final payment is received, the painting will be shipped to you (see below for questions about shipping). For local Atlanta residents, we may be able to personally deliver your painting to save you shipping costs.

A painting I love has already sold, could you make me another one exactly like it?

Unfortunately, no. Every painting is original and one of a kind. The closest option you would have is to commission SPOON. to do a different version of that painting. She could do the same subject, but perhaps a different color and size, or a different crop of the composition, etc. Ultimately it will be up to SPOON. to determine the correct amount of degrees of separation from the original that you saw, but the great news is that since it is a piece she has already created, we will be able to manipulate a photograph of it to show you mock-ups of what she is thinking for the new piece.