clients + commissions


SPOON routinely works with corporations, designers, and individuals to create custom paintings unique to specific projects. Having had a successful career in the architecture and planning profession prior to becoming an artist, SPOON is well versed in the client-consultant process and looks forward to discussing how her unique painting style may be an ideal fit.

commission process:

  • Commission a unique version of an EXISTING COMPOSITION

Interested in a particular painting you've seen, but in a different size, orientation, or color scheme? SPOON creates her original compositions with the intention of producing a few unique original paintings in select sizes and colors schemes, and regularly works with her clients to create custom versions of certain compositions. While each composition may lend well to a few different iterations, custom work must differ enough from previous versions to ensure that each SPOON painting is a one-of-a-kind original. Custom version work incurs an commission surcharge, depending on size and complexity.


A truly custom composition is both a bold and personal statement, and can often be crafted to perfectly compliment any design scheme or purpose. SPOON regularly works with both private clients as well as corporate entities through a collaborative process that ensures the final painting you receive exceeds your expectations. If you're interested in custom work, please contact SPOON for a free email consultation regarding your specific artwork needs. Custom work pricing varies depending on complexity, coordination efforts, special materials, etc.


If you're interested in hiring SPOON for custom work, or simply would like to inquire about the process, please contact us and SPOON will be in touch with you shortly. Read more about the Commission Process here.