Partnership with the Atlanta Braves


This project began almost 2 years ago when I was contacted about creating some paintings for the Atlanta Braves' new stadium, SunTrust Park. As a life-long Braves fan, I was on board immediately. In a lot of ways it was like any other project, but to sit in design meetings with John Scheurholz, or to meet Dale Murphy on opening night, and to have both of them tell you how much they love your artwork is insane.


They wanted the paintings to embody iconic Braves moments and permitted me access to all their images. After digging through the Braves archives (swoon), the 3 subjects we all ultimately agreed upon were Hank Aaron's 715th home run, Sid Bream's slide that sent them to the World Series and a Chipper Jones play, since his name is basically synonymous with the team. 

The paintings are 4' tall by 8' wide and the color palette is taken directly from the Braves logos and jerseys, as just another level of detail to make it feel at home among its new surroundings. 

There are a few articles out about the stadium’s new artwork; one at and another by the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC).

If you ever have a chance to go to a game, the paintings are located in the Infiniti Club. It's a VIP area, so you'll either have to splurge for the tickets or sneak in there. But I didn't tell you that. 

The historian for the Braves gave me a tour of my artwork on opening night. Braves. Historian. Two of my favorite words. My work is part of "Braves Memorabilia" now and is part of her official tours. A huge thank you to her for taking the time to meet with me and for including my work in any small part of the Braves culture. This has definitely been a once in a lifetime experience for me. 

Spoon Summerford