Coca-Cola Commission

I'm lucky to have companies in Atlanta, like Coca-Cola, that believe in supporting local artists. I've created 3 pieces for them now and they've been great to work with on all of them!

The paintings that I created for them were my first real foray into this style of color diversity. It was very experimental for me in the beginning - each dots color being mixed separately - but I enjoyed the process of being suprised in the end and have used it on other pieces now. One of those paintings is Marie Antoinette, who lives in NYC now, and the other is Einstein, who is still available.

The first 2 paintings for Coca-Cola were 4' tall x 6' wide and are located in their bottling headquarters in Charlotte, NC. The 3rd piece is on it's way to London as a gift for someone in the company.


Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful relationship... :)

Spoon Summerford